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Sherman Banks' Bio
Sherman Banks has over 20 years experience in International Economic and Tourism Development, and is dedicated to the development of sustainable economic and cultural channels that can help bridge educational and cultural divides among nations.

He served as President of Sister Cities International from 2004 – 2006 and was the first African-American to be elected to that post. Banks dedicated his presidency to actively furthering the principles upon which President Dwight D. Eisenhower founded Sister Cities post WWII - “to exchange ideas together, to work together and to dream together.”

Sherman brings to World Trade Partnership, extensive experience in marketing activities designed to develop and promote international tourism and economic opportunities, including:

  • Destination Marketing
  • Trade Missions
  • Package Development
  • Corporate Incentives (Economic & Tourism)
  • Organization of International Summits, Exhibitions, and Conferences
  • Product Development
  • Citizen Diplomacy/Negotiation, Production and Placement
  • Event Planning
During his two year tenure, Banks co-led peace missions to Egypt and Morocco. During the mission to Morocco, Banks realized his dream of conducting the first ever Sister Cities International “Islamic Summit - Citizen Diplomacy in the 21st Century.”

Banks’ also led a delegation of elected officials and SCI Board members to China in 2004 to negotiate the details for the second U.S./Sino conference between China and the U.S. held in Spokane, Washington in conjunction with Sister Cities International Annual Conference in July 2005.

Banks’ platform to increase youth involvement in the organization was evident at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in which over 200 youth from the U.S. and 12 foreign countries.

He increased the corporate participation by 50% and the Islamic/Muslim membership by 33%. During his tenure for the first time since the late 80’s there were 1,200 delegates with 400 foreign delegates representing 45 countries at the annual conference celebrating Sister Cities International’s 50 years of excellence.

Banks was also instrumental in developing the concept that led to the first ever “Citizen Diplomacy Summit” held in conjunction with Sister Cities International Conference 50th Anniversary.

Banks has worked with elected officials to develop agricultural, economic, tourism, trade and political programs in Italy, England, Morocco, South Africa, Portugal, Korea, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Sudan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Mexico, Taiwan, Malta, Northern Ireland United Kingdom, China, and Russia.

Banks has spoken broadly, both internationally, and across the US on issues including Citizen Diplomacy, Islamic Relations, and Economic Development.

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