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Ken O'Neal's Bio
Ken O’Neal has an extensive blend of entrepreneurial experience, sound business practices, a broad technical and services background in energy generation (BP, Standard Oil, and Shell), telecommunications (Verizon, Global Crossing, Qwest, KDDI, MCI, AT&T) and information technology (CISCO, EMC, Microsoft, Dell, HP), real estate development (Davis Carter Scott, Concord Eastridge, Orr Partners, Grenadier, Savills UK) and process improvement/team building skills (ISO 9901, SEI/CMM, Baldridge). He has 30 years of proven success in business development, organizational growth and development, and operations and management. This includes the development of business strategy and vision, partner identification and management, customer relationships, marketing, sales, negotiations, and operations management.

Mr. O’Neal is a hands-on entrepreneur whose “Does what it takes” work ethic has enabled him to build businesses by identifying growth opportunities, developing the sales and delivery infrastructure, and managing financial and operational risks. He has a demonstrated ability to establish credibility with commercial (Royal Bank of Scotland, Verizon, SBC, Western Digital, KAST) and government (Executive Office of the President, Department of State, Office of the Secretary of Defense, Pentagon Renovations, CDC, SEC, Air Force, Army, Dept of Justice, FBI, DHS, Customs and Border Protection) influencers, leveraging his network to generate new relationships and expand customer solution opportunities resulting in significant revenue growth.

He has expertise in energy generation working on petrochemical/coal/nuclear power plants as well as on the north slope of Alaska in the Prudhoe Bay oil fields. He has been and is engaged in Real Estate projects in the US and abroad to include program management of major construction, building and tenant improvements projects such as oilfield facilities, power generation, resorts and entertainment facilities, stadiums, multipurpose training centers, data centers, call centers and office buildings.

He has successfully delivered mission critical telecommunications and information systems, disaster recovery, continuity of operations, law enforcement, and intelligence solutions to US and foreign Governments, major global businesses and local businesses and organizations.

He has provided customers solutions throughout the world to include Iraq, Afghanistan, Ireland, Britain, France, Netherlands, Monte Carlo, Egypt, Morocco, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brazil and the US Territories of Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam.

He has served in various positions of management in large and small businesses to include:

• Founder/Principal, Distant View Consulting, LLC (Strategic Solution Implementation)
• Vice President, Nakuuruq Solutions, LLC (a rapidly growing SDB 8(a) firm).
• Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, TKC Communications, LLC (an Information Technology and Services 8(a) company creating growth from $40m to $200m in 3 years)
• Operations Director, EMC (a major global storage and disaster recovery firm)
• COO, Portico International, LLC (European Telecommunications and IT solutions provider)
• Vice President, Condor Technology Solutions, Inc (Telecom and IT solutions provider)
• Vice President, Wang, Inc (Global Outsourcing Provider, Telecom/IT)
• Operations Mgmt, Boeing Computer Services (Telecom and IT solutions provider)
• Construction Mgmt, British Petroleum (Oil Field Construction Mgmt)
• Construction Mgmt, Brown and Root, Inc (Petrochemical/Power Generation)

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