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Jacques Eone's Bio
Jacques Eone is a seasoned executive with successful private sector and not-for-profit experience in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He serves as Sr. Vice President for Business Development for World Trade Partnership.

Jacques has worked in hotel management and is CEO and founder of All U.S. Parking, a consultancy which advises hotels on parking strategies. His clients include major hotel chains worldwide.

He is Vice President of I.Q. Global Solutions, where he overseen negotiations for purchases involving complex analysis of logistics from manufacturer to end user.

Since 1995 Eone has also served as Vice President of Global Development Company. In that capacity, he has established close working relationships between GDC and the government of Cameroon, beginning with a $330,000 contract.

A philanthropist and generous with his time, Eone has been active in raising funds for not-for-profit activities internationally, including in his home nation of Cameroon.

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