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Bill McMillan's Bio
William S. McMillan
Experienced in Environmentally Sound Mining Development and Operations Management
G.M.T. Inc.
General Manager

- International site development in gold, diamond and opal mines
- Environmental studies for site development in Sierra Leone, Ghana, Mali, Australia, Peru, Canada and U.S.A.
- Site developed, from initiation to production:

  • San Madres Mine (Gold mine) Quamacho, Peru
  • Bo Dev. Corp. (Diamond mining), Bo, Sierra Leone
  • Argyle Mines (Diamond mining), Peder Wau, Australia
  • Swanson Fines, Ltd. (Opal mine), Cooper Pedy, Australia
Spider Industrial Co. LLC
International Development Manager

  • San Juan Mines (Gold mine), Terra, Peru
  • Brothers Dev. (Gold mine), Orient, WA, USA
  • Mitsui Int. Mines (Lead mine), Confidential location
  • Madison Private Dev. (Gold mine), Cashmere, WA, USA
  • BSS Ores Ltd. (Gold), Gold Bar, WA, USA
  • Carson Dev. (Gold), Silver City, NV, USA
  • Site locating
  • Geological reviews
  • Site evaluation and security
  • E.I.S. on mining sites
  • Risk assessment
  • Production development
  • Long run site evaluation
  • Equipment acquisition
  • Secure transportation and refining of metals
  • Operational management
  • Financial auditing
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